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Dr. Laura Brenner is from Lolabees Career Coaching. She helps dentists design their careers on their terms.


She can coach for helping you improve your experience as a practicing dentist, find a place in the industry that isn’t your current job, or help you move away from dentistry altogether


You can still work one or two days per week in your practice, and start another business or do something you enjoy on the side while making decent money 


You only have to live up to the standard that you set for yourself


By being mentally and emotionally okay when you work, you improve the patient experience in your office, so you should make sure you take time for yourself to live life


Don’t worry about what other people would say about your career switch, if you’re confident in yourself, other people will support your choice


You should focus on your ideal life, not just financially, but also emotionally


Figure out what you want, you may be closer to having that than you think


You don’t need to work constantly; you deserve to change your job if you’re unhappy, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise


We think we need the same or more than others, but you need what you need


You have to see if you’re happy where you are, trust your gut on whether or not your career is good for the health of you and your patients


When you’re happier with your job, you will feel wealthier even if you have less money 


You can do a lot of things that you want without a lot of money, people often have the misconception that they need money to buy their happiness


You should be frugal, but don’t forget that there is no point in your money if you can’t enjoy it once in a while


There are so many opportunities for the skills you have learned from dentistry, without doing what has been making you depressed 


Remember that the people who appear successful have also struggled through things that you haven’t seen


The Next Dentist Career Design Conference is to help you find opportunities and explore your career and mindset


The conference will help you get the connections and knowledge you need to switch careers


The conference is Saturday, March 13th, 10 am to 4:30 pm Eastern Time


They will have replays of the event available if you can’t attend



$100 dollars off conference registration



Website: https://www.lolabeescareercoaching.com/



Messaging is available on the website