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Dr. Albert Capati is a practicing Dentist, lead singer of a band, and an expert in CBD Oil in Dentistry.  Dr. Capati lectures around the country about the use of CBD Oil in Dentistry and how it can be a great alternative to current dental anxiolytics.  He joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from whether or not you get the munchies from using CBD Oil to who is the lamest Comic Book character.

Ep.37 Dr. Albert Capati- The CBD Oil Dentist

Practicing dentist from Springfield, Illinois

He feels it helps with dental anxiety and other issues found in a dental practice

Glenn and Vinh were introduced to CBD at Voices of Dentistry

We talk about the differences between hemp CBD and THC

Uses a purely organic, water-soluble product that is more effective in the body

He has used it for patient anxiety and TMJ in his office

He moderates a Facebook Hemp Oil in Dentistry and www.hempdentistry.com

He also sells a kit

The guys discuss their favorite comic books and lamest superheroes

What makes Filipino singers so good?

50 starter packs will include a serenade by Dr. Capati of a classic karaoke selection!