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Dr. Amanda Wilson is an orthodontist with extensive experience in clear aligner treatments. She shares the concept behind Straight Smiles’ Proaligner system and how it can increase your production in a whole new way.


Straight Teeth Solutions will pay the lab for you and market to your consumer


You join a network and own a territory of about 50k potential patients as a part of membership


You are guaranteed $12k in production and are not required to treat every lead that comes in


Set fees for aligners range from $1700- $3995 and you are paid a fee of typically 50- 55% of the aligners, 80% is paid upfront and the last 20% upon delivery.

ProAlign requires an in-office screen to check for perio or a pano to assess for treatment

One requirement is that you have an open scanner of any type

They also offer one revision refinement on minor cases and unlimited revisions on the complete plans

You decide on the patient treatment, and if a patient defaults it is not on you

They even have patient coordinators that will present your preferred treatment to the patient if you choose, or you can do it

Everyone in our company is a dentist, orthodontist, or involved in the dental industry



The normal price: $7500, Nifty Price $3500 with a guaranteed $12k in production in a calendar year

You MUST Use this link for the discount: https://join.goproalign.com/FB720/?fbclid=IwAR3YQhZJQRapE9AVK6F4i18PwmZ0fUHMCV1NoHlxV4DUZyEpWH9j37YAohc

Only good for the first 100 doctors.