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Dr. Brady Frank is a practicing Dentist, best selling author, speaker, dental coach and the creator of the DDSO Alliance.  Dr. Frank is well known as a leader and innovator in the Dental Industry.  Having previously founded the Osteoready Implant company, he is now focused on creating a “Dentist Driven” DSO model.  Brady joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from challenging his sons in basketball to the importance of keeping the idea of “Dentist owned” Dental practices alive.


Dr Brady Frank- is the founder of Osteoready Implants, a well-known clinician, and practice transition specialist.

What is a DDSO Alliance?- Dentist owned DSO

Dr. Frank has a passion for helping young dentists become owners through many different avenues.

He is the former owner of Osteoready implants

What is the purpose of a DDSO?- Gaining corporate level advantages while being a private practice to improve dentistry

By gaining better entrepreneurial skills, we can create more dentist owners

What’s a pod? A small group of practices that join together

Offering long-term equity to an associate/ part owner creates longevity in the practice

There are lots of advantages to creating a work life balance by being part of a pod

First step to starting a DDSO- education using free resources (DDSOalliance.com, DDSOblueprint.com, DDSOfunnels.com)

Online community adds another level of support

Dr. Anh Le (Dr. Vinh Nguyen’s partner) drops in to talk about his experience with DDSO Alliance


The DDSO Alliance – http://theddsoalliance.com/bfc-client-use-blueprint-funnel21122062

DDSO Blueprint – http://ddsoblueprint.com/ddso-blueprint-process1