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Dr. Brady Smith is a practicing Dentist, podcaster, and founder of the HALO Dental Network. In this episode, Dr. Brady Smith discusses how “charitable causes” moved him from a Dentist on the brink of burnout to a Dentist who looks forward to the operatory everyday.

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  • Brady Smith is a general dentist with “one foot in and one foot out” of a DSO franchise called Comfort Dental.
  • Brady has been at Comfort Dental for over 12 years now, joining right out of dental school to pay down $300,000 in student loan debt. Since then, he’s built three practices in locations ranging from a little town (Pueblo, Colorado) to a city (Vancouver, Washington).
  • After building two of those three Comfort Dental practices from scratch, Brady decided he has what it takes to open a PPO practice with a fellow dentist called “Tooth Docs.”
  • Outside of dentistry, however, Brady is passionate about doing charitable work with the organization he founded a few years ago called “HALO Dental Network” which provides free dental care to underserved populations throughout the country.
  • HALO is an acronym for “Helping And Leading Others.”
  • Brady also hosts a podcast called “Drilled with Dr. Brady.” The co-host, Lowell-George Granath, is a founding partner and the Executive Director of HALO Dental Network.
  • Learn about:
    • The pros and cons of a PPO practice vs. a FFS practice.
    • The pros and cons of joining a DSO franchise like Comfort Dental.
    • What is HALO Dental Network and what do they do?
    • How does HALO afford to provide free dental care?
    • How can YOU provide free dental services to underserved populations, once a year, through HALO?
    • “Every dollar you give HALO is $10 of dentistry for someone who needs it”… How can you donate money to HALO?
    • What is Brady’s #1 tip for practice productivity? It might surprise you…
    • What’s Brady’s most productive “tool” in his “toolshed”? This one might surprise you too…
    • And what’s Brady’s big Nifty Thrifty tip?
    • What would he tell his pre-dental, undergrad self? If he could have a do-over, what would it be? Would he even want a do-over?
    • Tune in to find out…