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Dr. Gina Dorfman is a Dentist, a speaker, an entrepreneur, and the Queen of Yapi.  One of the leading patient communication platforms on the market, Yapi was created because Dr. Dorfman saw a problem that needed to be fixed.  That’s what Dr. Gina Dorfman is.  A problem solver extraordinaire!  She can be seen providing solutions to Dentists at the speaking circuit and in social media.  Join Glenn and Vinh as they talk to Dr. Dorfman about topics ranging from Ivan the Terrible to Grey Goose Vodka (not Russian by the way).


Dr. Gina Dorfman is originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia

Her family settled in Southern California in the late 1980s

Dr. Gina Dorfman graduated from the USC Dental School in 2000.

She owns a thriving Dental practice and practices part-time

Yapi was created because she saw limitations in her practice software

Dr. Dorfman worked with her Father to create Yapi

She is a speaker for Practice on Fire

Dr. Dorfman’s German Shepherd Axel can be heard barking in the background.  We think our voices were scaring him 🙂

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Here are the translations to the Russian segment between Vinh and Gina:

Good afternoon – dobry yenz

Nice to see you- rad vas vidit

You look very pretty – ty vygladish oshen mila

How are you – kak Dela

I’m doing good- ya zameshatel na

My Russian is bad- moy russky ploh

Thank you- spasiba

I am a dentist- ya stomatolog

Do you listen to podcasts? Vy sluush she ty podcast

Glenn is stupid- Glenn gloop

Glenn looks like an idiot- Glenn vyglyadit kak idiot

Laugh at him – smeeyatsya nad nim

Goodbye – proshshai


Dr. Gina Dorfman Practice – https://yourdentist.net/

Practice on Fire – https://practiceonfirelive.com/




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