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Dr. Helen and Tim Harless fell in love over a shared love of wine. They made the decision to relocate across the country to build their dream of a top-notch winery in the Northwest. They are the owners of Hat Ranch Winery, which recently won the 2019 Winery of the Year award by Wine Press magazine. Dr. Harless is a practicing Dentist in Boise, Idaho and continues to work with Tim on growing their budding wine business. Glenn and Vinh talk about their adventures and favorite wine pairings in today’s episode.

Ep. 38 Show notes

Dr. Helen and Tim Harless- They moved from North Texas to Idaho and opened a winery.

They already won an award

They were both in the Air Force when they met.

They decided to move to the west coast and ended up in Idaho because it is a growing region

The latitude of their winery is what makes it a good area for growth

Tim was a commercial pilot before becoming the primary winemaker

Helen managed the tasting room on the weekends and worked in her dental practice during the week.

Do you get to stomp on grapes? Foot microbiology does not mix well with wine.

Tips for a wine menu: Find the kind you like and choose the second one down, otherwise ask for suggestions based on what you want and your price range.

Food pairings First Impressions Game

What kinds of customers do you have?

The quality of the wine is very good, so they rarely need to send it back.

If you order by the glass, ask how long the bottle has been open. More than 2-3 days will not be as good as a freshly opened bottle.

Wines go from harvesting to delivering bottles in a two-year cycle.


Hat Ranch Winery Website: https://www.hatranchwinery.com/

Dr. Harless Dental Practice https://southwestdentalboise.com/


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