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Dr. Joe Maio of The Doctor’s Edge shows us his self- paced course, “The One Week Dental MBA.”

Dr. Joe Maio was a graduate of Creighton Dental school during 9/11. He initially considered leaving dental school to join the military, but ultimately decided to serve in the Air Force as a dentist. He went into private practice and began to grow his practice. He decided to sell last year to help align with what his goals really were. We wanted to talk about working towards or reverse-engineering your vision.

Life is about experiences and relationships. He wanted a free life where work was enjoyable, but not mandatory. His goal was to operate a business without having to actually be present. Many of us are a slave to our business. The areas of his life he wanted to impact were financials, physical health, mental health and growth, social impact, and spiritual life. Those 5 areas bring balance and increased freedom.

This is a perfect time to reflect on living on “the hamster wheel”. He says a lot of time is wasted on social media. Results never happened through inaction. Everything with COVID was completely out of our control. Money follows value, so find a way to serve other first and your money will follow. Controlling your mindset is everything. For those still in the workforce, don’t get discouraged. The entire planet is experiencing this together. For a strategic approach, start with marketing from local sources and social media, then take care of patients and staff one person at a time. Work on your interpersonal skills because you only get paid when they agree to treatment. Show people why they need your service. Treat the person, not the tooth. If you have a problem asking for payment for your service, you don’t believe you are providing something of quality. Your goal is to make a profit to make a difference. People buy based on feelings, so you need to have that in mind.

In speaking with consultants, he encourages you to create tools that help you take action. An effective consultant should put themselves out of business. Dr. Maio got tired of seeing people not getting the results, during quarantine he decided to package everything he’s learned and made it into a tangible program. The cost of $499 is designed to cover production costs. For the first 5 buyers, he will do a short phone call to help you with questions or implementation.

Yes, this is a scary time, but it doesn’t have to be. There are people who are going to fold, and those who will soar.

The Deal: The One Week Dental MBA

Cost: $499

To get this deal: https://thedocsedge.com/