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Dr. Julie Swift is the amazing Lipstick Periodontist.  She is a Periodontist by day, lipstick sales sensation by night, and awesome Mom/Wife everyday.  She is the owner/founder of Topeka Periodontics and Implants and also operates her own team of Lipsense All-Stars that have made over thousands in sales.  Dr. Julie Swift or Dr. Julie Woods as many on Facebook know her joins our show to discuss topics ranging from men selling lipstick and periodontal procedures that GPs should be doing.


Dr. Julie Swift is the founder and co-owner of Topeka Periodontics and Implants

She has been a periodontist for 14 years in Kansas

Dr. Swift came into Lipsense after reluctantly hosting a Lipsense party

She has only been involved in Lipsense for 4 months

Dr. Swift says the key to Lipsense success are “relationships”

Her favorite Lipsense color is Purple Rain

She feels that GPs should try to do more crown legnthening and implants

Dr. Swift also feels that GPs should learn how to restore more Hybrids

She says the most annoying thing GPs do is to accuse specialists of stealing their patients 😛



Topeka Periodontics and Implants – http://www.topekaperio.com/

Lipsence – https://seneweb.senegence.com/us/



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