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Dr. Justin Bhullar discusses the Dental Business Mentor business learning modules for dentists.

Dr. Justin Bhullar is the founder of High Performance Practice. He started looking at joining the best practices in his fourth year of dental school. He ended up in Canada as an associate. He then purchased several rural practices that he managed remotely. After selling he tried other practice models including startups. Today he has six practices in Canada and manages them from Florida. He thinks that mistakes are where you learn the most. Partnering with a good business coach or dentist who is good with the business aspects.

Mistakes: Be clear on you why and whether it’s a good fit for you. Discover and learn from the mistakes of others. Not every dentist wants to be a business owner or spend the time to learn it.

What are the biggest issues practice owners have besides not investing the time? There are over 300 potential issues he has found in working with practices. Common ones deal with people and systems. He is very transparent and doesn’t want to waste people’s time. He also focuses on a few smaller problems to help get to the next step in your practice. It’s about more than collecting a check.

Trying to work on your practice between patients or after work means something suffers. You have to take time to work on the business and not just in the business. Their aim is to give you more time to grow your business while doing less chairside. While working five days may be necessary, you won’t know until you try it a different way. There is no magic pill, but trying new things and tracking results will show you what can work better. When your ego gets in the way, things were often made worse. Listening and learning from people who have found success in areas where you are wanting to learn is necessary. They can help you with compacting the time by heading off mistakes as well as encouraging you as a mentor.

His newest project Dental Business Mentor is a partnership with Dr. Paul Etchison. This focuses on looking at performance indicators. By making video modules of concepts he teaches, people are able to gain the knowledge to implement the changes they need in their practice. They offer a year of access for a low price to help more people. In his own practices, he is finding issues that come up to address to add to their offerings. This method can save you money and give access to your entire team. Another benefit is that you can submit questions and if it is something that is a shared concern by others, they will create a video. The modules also give you time to pause and reflect or pace yourself.

His newest book “High Performance Practice: Management, Marketing, and Leadership” is available for only shipping and handling. Go to www.highperformacepractice.com and follow the link.

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