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Dr. Kianor Shah discusses the value of peer to peer systems and being a Top 100 Doc.

Dr. Kianor Shah is a general dentist who grew up in Germany and lives in Palm Desert, CA. While he teaches lots of strategies and concepts, peer to peer is a strong focus of his training. It is a concept strongly used in financial industries and other business factors and can provide success in the dental industry as well. By working with one another, we have a better opportunity to work on our own terms.

What is the first step? Creating more networking opportunities to share information. So far over 70 doctors from a variety of specialties have been amassed to share ideas.

The Top 100 dentists are a group of mostly practicing dentists at the top of their field. It’s not about people buying into a group or honor, it’s about leadership that can help plan and propel the industry to become better.


How did you improve your production while working less? You have to work backward by picturing the end product. Start with the location, improve your education, and negotiate. Being patient and willing to wait to upgrade things when you can afford it. The fear of having to spend a large amount keeps people from taking the leap into ownership. Starting small is okay.

One of the courses Dr. Shah is passionate about is teaching improved extraction strategies. His workshops cover preclinical preparation, anatomy, complex cases and sedation. He also lectures on things such as stem cell research, PRP, and other topics. Oral surgery skills are important in being able to treat your patients. The more you work on them, the easier it will become.