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Dr. Laura Brenner is a practicing dentist and the coach of Lolabee’s career coaching. Her passion is to help dentists become their best selves through life coaching, career assessment, and improving wellbeing.


She practiced dentistry for 10 years but noticed by year 7 she was depressed and unhappy with her career path; After seeking help and finding a career coach, she shifted her career to coaching


Feeling critical and cynical, disillusionment about your job, and not feeling that you are making an impact are all signs of burnout that you should look out for


Perfectionism is not sustainable or achievable and gives us more anxiety when we can’t be perfect


You have to make choices about what your priorities are and decide if you are on the path you want to be on


You have to work through the fear of thinking you are a failure, disappointing family, or feel that your identity is solely as a dentist


If you don’t think you are financially ready to get out of dentistry, learn to live on less or understand that the exchange of money for freedom is a decision that can affect your well-being


The first change you make to your career may just be a bridge towards something else, and may not be a permanent career


Take care of yourself first, eat well, sleep, exercise, have quiet time, and make sure you are happy with who you are


Everyone has a power within themselves to become better, they just need to find it, whether through experience or self-revelation.


She does a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit and what your goals are


She does a minimum 3 months coaching one on one; you will meet every other week during the program


She has now partnered with a physician who does career coaching as well and will be bringing a virtual one-day seminar designed to help you realize how your skills can be utilized in new ways or industries



She is doing a free group coaching session on September 13th so you can see what she is all about. She will offer $50 off the virtual conference if it is used by September 4th, so act fast!



Website: https://www.lolabeescareercoaching.com/



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Drlolabees/