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Dr. Michael Ling is an Owner/Dentist of Clarence Street Dental Group and a speaker for Practice on Fire.   He is also, according to Glenn and Vinh, the number one Chinese Dentist of all of Canada.  Dr. Ling is passionate about helping Dentists create a “self managing” team and ultimately create a “self managing” practice.  Dr. Michael Ling joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics such as his dislike for Celine Dion and his love for poutine.


Dr. Michael Ling’s father, Dr. Sumner Ling founded Clarence Street Dental Group

Michael agrees that his father is a gunner and can outproduce him all day long

The switch that flipped for Dr. Ling was focusing more on training his team

Empowering his team has helped his practice reach new heights

Dr. Ling notes that you should delegate innovation and decision making to your team

He is the most non-Canadian Canadian, disliking hockey and Celine Dion

One of the goals of Practice on Fire is to help Dentists find a good work/life balance

Dr. Michael Ling is a speaker on Practice On Fire educating on how to create a self-managing team

The next Practice on Fire event is on March 16-17 in San Diego

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Practice on Fire – https://practiceonfirelive.com/

Clarence Street Dental Group – https://clarencestreetdental.com/

Poutine – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poutine

Celine Dion – http://www.celinedion.com/




“My heart Will Go On” is property of Celine Dion and Sony Music