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Dr. Michael Sernick and Jordan Sernick of Channel D show us a new and entertaining way to engage and educate our patients.

Channel D

Dr. Michael Sernick and Jordan Sernick are the masterminds behind Channel D.

Dr. Sernick loved crown and bridge work and could gain the skills, but needed to gain the patients. Most of the courses on case acceptance were focused on sales, and he didn’t feel like patients build trust and want to accept treatment if they feel they are being given an “upsell”.

In Australia, he was legally not allowed to advertise his practice beyond a sign, so he was forced to think within the confines of his office. He wanted to engage the patient and educate them simply before they are seen. At that point, the patient has a better understanding and can recognize issues in their own mouth. Preparing the patient improves the chance of getting a yes.

Humor and creativity is a big part of the Channel D videos. It engages the patient, makes them laugh, and helps the information to stick. A customized product allows your office culture to be represented, bring a level of familiarity, and show that you invest in your practice. Other programs are out there that can be very clinical and hard to understand.

What kind of impact did you find when you initially released Channel D in Australia? They initially tried different ideas and developments in offices in Australia, and because Dr. Sernick had a good doctor following, the product quickly caught on.

After using the product in our office, we find that people are more easily engaged in conversation, and feel more comfortable and engaged. When they mention the videos, instead of just saying thank you, use it as an opportunity about conversations. Asking what video they liked or were interested in can raise questions for patients as well as their families. Patients who are more educated will also tell their friends and become a great referral source.

Currently, they have over 120 videos that are both educational and informative. New videos are created every 2 weeks and are often based on suggestions or needs of the offices they serve. This means your videos don’t remain stagnant. By staying on top of changes and procedures in dentistry, they can make videos to be on the leading edge of what patients are looking for.

The videos do not have sound because it is intrusive. The idea is not to enforce viewing, it’s to catch their attention. Education is through the short clips that hold their attention. Older people enjoy them as well as younger patients because they are fun. The playlists can be changed, but the idea is to broadly educate on aspects of dentistry that may be affecting the patient or people they know, but may not be the primary reason for their visit.

The Nifty Deal: Channel D Media Stick is usually $140 and fully customized videos for free along with 2 months of free service. Additionally, the regular price is $190 per month, but they are offering 20% off the first 6 months. That makes the cost about $150/month. Use code nifty19