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Dr. Ron Nguyen, CEO of Ultralight Optics shows us his disposable face shields that work with your loupes as well as KN95 masks.

Dr. Ron Nguyen is the CEO of Ultralight Optics. He designed a face shield while in dental school, but put it away because people wondered why you’d ever need a face shield, much less how to wear one with loupes. When the pandemic struck, they pulled out the molds ready for action. It works with a 5.0 light and flips up while you are taking a break. Very little light is reflected back, so your light source is still efficient for work. As an alternative, you can use the holding clip on top to place it like a headlamp if you prefer. The weight is less than your current loupe weight.

The wireless light has a battery pack that wraps around your neck. This lessens the weight on your back, which is often the heaviest part.

Adjustable tension knobs raise to a preferred height for convenience.

In addition, they offer KN95 masks certified from China. Surgical N95 masks cannot currently be purchased outside of hospital settings.

The masks are disposable, but may potentially be wiped down depending on your level of sanitation. The problem with hardware masks is that the shield will scratch.

The first batch should be heading out in 3 weeks.


Nifty Deal: Get a starter pack that comes with two headpieces and removable face shield attachments

Promo code: NIFTY

Get 20 extra face shields with your starter pack.

Normally the cordless light is $795

Get the cordless or standard light option for $495 for the next two weeks.