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Dr. Ron Schefdore is from Drs. Coaching System. He shares how doing your own hygiene can make you less stressed and more productive in your practice.


He feels that the current business model is causing burnout for many dentists


By finding more work with each patient and building rapport with the patient, acceptance is easier


This is not for introverts that don’t enjoy spending time with patients]


He has always used this model and never had a hygienist but had 6 associates


He got hospital permission to do blood panels and looked for underlying health issues


Many of the simple treatments can add up in hygiene


Don’t ever assume someone can or cannot pay, or treat someone differently based on if you think they can afford treatment


He typically offers $1500 for a practice blueprint, but for the first 5 doctors, he is offering 50% off that fee


Schedule at: https://www.pharmaden.net/calendar/