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Scott Leune of Breakaway Seminars shares learning and preparation tips to open your practice strong after Covid-19.

Dr. Scott Leune is from Breakaway Seminars. All of your seminars are based on being prepared. Did you ever see this coming? No, but there are lots of things we can do to prepare for the next wave of opportunities. While we are concerned about what is happening, we can be excited about the new plans for entrepreneurship.

In many ways, we are opening like a startup again. It a good time to look at your business from a business owner’s point of view. It’s a good time to cut extra expenses.

When we reopen there will be a demand. The number of offices closing or not reappointing patients means there will be lots of displaced patients. It is also a great time to look for great team members.

It has changed his company to more of a digital model as well.

What are some things we should be working on now? Office cleaning and organizing. Not just cleaning, but staff training, overhead management, systems cleanup, install new systems or otherwise improve your business. You can put out ads and give commitment letters for when you reopen. Start your marketing plan and produce your materials. Patients won’t know who is open or not, so stay in communication. We also need to open up our capacity once we get back. This will help handle the surge and catch up on lost revenue.

Does it mean to open up longer hours or more days? Do what is best for the practice and patients. Expanding the practice should be a priority. We will need to go back to the startup mentality to recoup our losses.

What would Scott do? When the quarantine hit, we furloughed and stopped certain services to stop the bleed. We are still serving our emergency patients and working with a very small team. If you are currently open, market to current patients and online to let people know you are still open. Make sure you are marketing to the right groups. When you reopen, push the marketing hard while opening your schedule to the highest capacity.

When you reopen are you bringing the whole team back? We will transition as the reopen happens. We will be prepared to add your team members back quickly. Meanwhile, be responsible for the safety of exposure for your patients.

When will this be over? He has no idea, but the fact that we are having to flatten the curve says this will be here for a while.

The big opportunity going forward is to increase our entrepreneurial prowess to build and grow in a new environment.

What are some action steps we can do? You could work these things on your own, but it’s much more beneficial to get an educator or consultant. Front Office Rocks is great for your team training, and of course, Breakaway Seminars will provide system training. Many consultants are offering single hour consulting options, so take advantage.

When will your online component begin? Anyone that missed a seminar due to closure can attend any future date to attend a live event. In addition, you have access to digital modules in a few weeks. Content will release as soon as they are ready. We are also looking to modify to a more workshop base so that attendees can utilize what they have learned.

Should we keep investing in the business or save everything we can? If you are close to bankruptcy, save what you can to stay open. If you get a stimulus, use the money to upgrade things that will bring income quickly, unless it’s absolutely necessary. That means business systems, funnels, marketing and training to do things better.

Going forward, how do we best deal with hygiene? Hygienists may be afraid to work or ask for a significant raise. Are you following recommendations? If so then you need to find a new hygienist. If they want a significant raise, see if it’s an individual thing or if the market says we need to pay more. It would be a great time to move to assisted hygiene if you don’t already, or for more impact hire a hygiene consultant. You may need to pay more while looking for a new hygienist. Many offices pay based on a hybrid system based on production.

Now is the time to become a leader in your practice.