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Dr. Shea Bess is a practicing dentist and R&D consultant with Ultradent. He shares products and methods to improve bonding in part 2 of our Clinical Springboard series.

Dr. Shea Bess graduated from Loma Linda and returned back to Utah after graduating and started his own practice about a year later. He Is both a general dentist owner as well as a consultant in R&D at Ultradent. He focused on bonding and learned a ton about bond strength.

The biggest issue in bonding failure is that the dentist doesn’t follow the instructions. The developers have worked very hard to make the most effective product, but it isn’t being applied correctly and therefore, fails.

Another issue that is common is that when the bonding agent is thinned, the dentist will wave their air and water syringe back and forth. This creates ripples that are uneven. Push one time in one direction to keep it even. You also need to pay attention to the proper time.

You need to account for time for the solvent to evaporate.

All bond strengths are not equal because not all products are equal.

Which bonds have you tested? Many are products outside of Ultradent as well as all Ultradent products. The range of effectiveness was staggering and show easily where you can avoid bonding issues.

Why do you use a different product when you bond to dentin vs enamel? Consider the strength you need and the impact the surface will take. Be prepared to use either once you prep ad evaluate.

What advice would you give for new grads? Whatever the truth is, tell it. Things will not always go perfectly, but be honest when something goes wrong.

How can they get ahold of you? [email protected]