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Dr. Steven G Mautner aka “Mauty” is a Dentist from Florida who is known for his insightful yet controversial posts on DentalTown.  Recently banned from DentalTown, Mauty has taken his talents to Facebook and his posts are informative, thought provoking and as controversial as ever.  Listen as Mauty talks to Glenn and Vinh about his unique Dental philosophy and his ultimate goal to accept every single Dental plan in existence.

Notes of Interest:

The Nifty Thrifty Dentist CE Event – http://niftybackup.getpracticegrowth.com/ce-event/

Legwork PRM – https://www.legworkprm.com/

Keating Dental Arts – https://keatingdentalarts.com/

Wallace Specialty Insurance – http://www.insurance4dds.com/

Online Dental Consulting – https://onlinedentalconsulting.com/

Dr. Steven Mautner got the nickname “Mauty” from his buddies back in New York

Mauty graduated from NYU Dental School and has been in practice for 30 years!

His advice to Sleep Apnea patients, “Just lose some weight, you’ll sleep fine.”

Mauty feels that too many Dentists are pressured to practice a certain way

He feels the Dorky Dentist Code rules DentalTown

His favorite comedians are Larry David, Ray Romano, and Jerry Seinfeld

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