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Dr. Thu Nguyen is a Dental Super Mom (Quebecois edition)!  She is arguably the most famous Vietnamese Dentist in Canada.   Dr. Nguyen is a successful practice owner, mother of three boys, a polyglot (speaks four languages for those too lazy to look that up), and an expert at Beach Body workout DVDs.  She’s got a unique story and great insight on getting that work/life balance we all need.  Dr. Thu Nguyen joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from her Instagram workout photos to her love for Pho and pasta.


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Everyone tries out their long- lost French skills- translate if you dare!

Work life balance: Started 10 years ago with a small office and began to grow her knowledge in business leadership. She has grown her practice to 6 ops.

Biggest advice for moms: Have help. Her parents help care for the kids as well as having help at home. Getting help in some areas of your life can help your life thrive.

Being multilingual in a practice: Quebec uses French and English, it depends on the patient background.

Canadian Healthcare: Dr Nguyen finds American Insurance discussion perplexing because it is not something they deal with in Canada. She discusses children’s Medicare treatment limitations as well as Medicaid challenges to improve payout for treatment.

Growing up in Italy: Now we understand why the Swiss are neutral! Dr. Nguyen speaks Italian, French, English, and Vietnamese

Dr. Thu Nguyen is a big fan of Beachbody Workout DVDs and posts her workouts on Instagram

Life in Canada: Canadians love to eat snow with maple syrup, and Dr. Nguyen is a fan of Celine Dion

Mean courtship practices: Dr. Vo’s wife glared at him the first time he saw her, Dr. Nguyen threw away gifts from her future husband, but he persisted for 10 years.

Dr. Nguyen is a big fan of Instapot cooking.


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Dr. Thu Nguyen Practice – https://drethunguyen.com/en/

Instant Pot Vietnamese Food Recipes – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1743007402687050/

Instant Pot – https://instantpot.com/

Celine Dion – http://www.celinedion.com/



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