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Dr. Yolanda Mangrum is the owner of Petaluma Dental, a multi-specialty practice in Sonoma, California.  She is also the author of “Hire to Inspire”, a coach with Fortune Practice Management, and founder of Luminary Education Center.  She is the epitome of a Dental Boss Lady.  Join Glenn and Vinh as they discuss her “why” and whether or not she’ll include wine in her dental convenience store.


Dr. Yolanda Mangrum opened her first practice in 1999

Ten years later she purchased the Petaluma Dental group

She eventually merged her two practices together to create her current office

Dr. Mangrum’s practice employs a whopping 12 Dentists and 39 overall employees!

Petaluma Dental Group is a multi-specialty practice

Petaluma has a Dental “convenience store” that offers items ranging from toothpaste to probiotics

Dr. Mangrum did not take Glenn and Vinh’s suggestion to sell wine at her practice

She is also a coach with Fortune Practice Management

Dr. Mangrum recently launched her dream project – the Luminary Education Center.

She is a member of the Delivering WoW Inner Circle

She truly believes that there is potential for greatness to be unlocked in every individual.



Petaluma Dental Group – http://www.petalumadental.com/

Fortune Practice Management – https://fortunemgmt.com/index.cfm?Page=Yolanda-Mangrum

Hire to Inspire – https://www.amazon.com/Hire-Inspire-Leaders-Consistently-Achieve/dp/1505521041



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