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Dr. Zak Allmand of Apex Payment Solutions discusses immediate actions you can take in the wake of Covid-19 closures to find working capital for your practice.

Zak Allmand from Apex is in a special position amidst this unique health and economic crisis. How has it been as both as a business owner and a practicing dentist? He is dealing with the same struggles as you. He is keeping things running at his own office, but also want to keep Apex going. The goal of Apex is to support his colleagues.

Apex is doing a call savings analysis for new customers, but as a special promotional, they will not bill you for services or equipment until you have money coming into the office. This gives you a chance to analyze if this is a better deal for you.

Most companies have a monthly minimum amount for processing each month. The system is cloud-based, so you can even take payments virtually in a teledoc situation.

The virtual terminal is free, or other terminals start at $119. Clover terminals are several hundred each.

Not knowing the landscape of what is ahead, we are looking for opportunities to help. If you are a current client, they have options for things such as paying back a percentage as a merchant cash advance, lender deals or refinancing. They will come back to you with some options that may work for you. They are available to answer your questions, whether you are a client or not.

Lenders will look at the last 12 months to decide what kinds of lending and amounts they can offer. By acting now, you will not risk having a month showing no activity which will hurt your overall available credit. This program does not make a designated loan payment, it takes a percentage of your transactions later on so that it affects the future income less.

How fast can they find out if they qualify? It is shorter for current customers, but expect 2-4 weeks. If you are a startup, it will be very important to start working on funding right away since working capital may be gone.

If you have access to easy funds, great, but many people don’t. Some loans are immediately approved, whereas others may need SBA or other backed loans. If you wait now, many of the programs will be either shut down or overloaded with applicants. The interest rates for the loan can vary with the small amounts quickly paid out will be the most expensive, the purpose is to secure funds or have to close your business.

If you are interested in securing financing, contact [email protected]. For new clients for the merchant services contact [email protected]. Please take this time that we have to look at everything about your business and improve it so that you can come out the other side even stronger.