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Drew Sparks is the CEO of Swell CX. He joins us to share the rebranding and service updates that can make patient interaction even better!


They have always been known for their review services, but have expanded further to messaging and webchat features


All messages from Swell patient connections come to a single inbox that can route to the correct people based on the topic


You can assign messages to others so that the most appropriate team member can respond


Swell has an iOS app already and the Android version is out soon


Texting through the app keeps your personal cell information private while you are free to communicate.

Swell Schedule is a plugin for our webchat or website for users to allow users to request an appointment


Patients can share insurance or Xrays, or images on both the webchat and smartphone platforms

Swell Survey is designed to help you improve your service and get feedback

Swell Pay was designed for contactless payments, it’s a great, secure way to ensure payment

Adding the integration to your website is easy and can be done by your webmaster or Swell.


Nifty Deal: One flat fee for all services. The Nifty Price is $179/ month with an annual contract, but the first 30 days will be free to try it out. If you don’t like it in the first 30 days, no problem. If you are a current customer you can keep your old plan or upgrade to the Nifty Price. You can try them out for 30 days to decide. This is their locked-in price!



Website: https://www.swellcx.com/



Phone Number: (844) 560-2626