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Elijah Desmond RDH is a Dental Hygienist turned Dental Entrepreneur.  He is the CEO of Smiles at Sea, a continuing education event set in a relaxing resort style atmosphere.  He joins Glenn and Vinh to talk about how Dental professionals can save money and reward their teams at CE events.  Mr.  Desmond also discusses random topic ranging from pizza flavored prophy paste and Dorito flavored Mountain Dew.

Notes of Interest:

  • In 1936, Holistic Dentist Dr. Weston Price releases a study linking the prevention/arrest of dental caries with a diet high in unpasteurized milk and organ meats
  • Link to Dr. Price’s study – http://jada.ada.org/article/S1048-6364(36)35023-4/pdf
  • Dr. Christopher Keener, an alleged research partner of Dr. Price, makes an appearance to discuss this monumental study
  • Elijah Desmond’s goal for Smiles at Sea is to provide a light hearted CE event that promotes team building
  • Mr. Desmond started his entrepreneurial journey by creating a candy selling business as a kid.
  • Nifty Thrifty Dental Deal of the Week – $50 off any CE event and a FREE ticket to the Whitening Ball at the Smiles at Sea CE event.  Use promo code – “Glenn”
  • Fake Stephen A. Smith makes an appearance

Links from the Show

Smiles at Sea – http://www.smilesatsea.com/


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