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Not all website developers are the same! Ali Soufi, CEO of DocSites, talks to us about what makes his company the right one to create the perfect website that will showcase your practice while improving your online presence!



  • Website’s are a great way to make a great impression and keep your patients up to date. But from paying for the creation of your website to getting nickel-and-dimed for support services, costs can really add up.
  • This week, Glenn Vo sat down with his good friend Ali. Glenn spoke with Ali about The Doc Sites, his website creation and website marketing service.
  • The Doc Sites has been in the business of creating websites for dentists for years now. They’ve put together easy-to-use, premade, affordable, and secure packages that any dental practice can quickly plug their products and services into.
  • The Doc Sites offers three comprehensive design tiers to fit your budget with no hidden costs. If you want any changes made to your website, they’ll deliver you results—on average—within one business day.
  • Unlike some unsavory website creation companies, you get to keep your website if you decide to part ways with The Doc Sites.
  • With The Doc Sites, there’s no need to get a headache over a messy, long-term contract. They have a super easy, simple, one-page agreement that won’t take up valuable time.
  • Learn about:
    • Is your current website up to par?
    • Do you really need your website to be custom-designed?
    • How secure is your website? Is your website vulnerable to getting hacked?
    • How important is it to have POSITIVE reviews on your website?
    • Why go to a company that specializes in creating dental websites instead of going to a company well-versed in creating a broader range of websites?
    • The problems with a DYI approach when creating your website.
    • Why you SHOULDN’T accept a one-time payment for any website creation services, and what does Ali have against signing long-term contracts?
    • Why you SHOULDN’T ever let a company own your domain name.
    • How much does it cost to hire The Doc Sites? What do their models look like?
    • And more!




  • 50% basic website package for all Nifty Thrifty members.


To Get The Deal:

First 5 Practice Owners that reach out to Ali DocSites and go through a Free Consultation will also get $100 Gift Card
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