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Uncover the fascinating evolution of Enova, originally a surgical headlight firm with a mission to enhance doctors’ vision with Andy Ellis of Enova Illumination.

Welcome, everyone, to another enlightening episode! Dr. Glenn Vo here, and today, we have an exciting exploration into the world of dental innovation with our special guest, Andy from Enova.

Segment 1: “From Medical Marvels to Dental Wonders”

Uncover the fascinating evolution of Enova, originally a surgical headlight firm with a mission to enhance doctors’ vision. Dive into the company’s journey, seamlessly transitioning from the medical realm to making waves in dentistry. Discover how Enova’s roots in medical technology contribute to their innovative approach in the dental industry.

Segment 2: “The Enova Difference: Customer Service Excellence”

Explore what sets Enova apart – a deep commitment to exceptional customer service. Learn how Enova goes beyond transactions, prioritizing genuine relationships with dentists. Understanding personalized service’s impact on the overall experience makes Enova a standout partner for dental professionals.

Segment 3: “Inside Enova’s Cutting-Edge Training Center”

Step into the future of dental training as we take you inside Enova’s state-of-the-art training facility in Minneapolis.Explore the immersive experience the training center offers for dental microscope users and students.

Learn about the hands-on training, insights into the latest advancements, and the transformative journey awaiting those who embrace Enova’s educational resources.


Wrapping up this insightful episode, we’ve delved deep into Enova’s innovative history, exceptional customer service, and the advanced training opportunities they provide.

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Thank you for joining us today. Until next time, this is Dr. Glenn Vo signing off. Stay curious, stay innovative!

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