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Dr. Kenny Wilstead is a General Dentist who recently posted on Dental Hacks Nation about his horrible experience dealing with the DEA.  His story is a cautionary tale that applies to all Dental professionals.  He joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss how a series of mishaps led to a felony drug charge and how he was able to overcome this life changing event.

Notes of Interest:

  • DentalHO.com is Dentistry’s newest job board and community.  Created by Dr. Nathan Ho, this site is currently under construction but the Facebook site is up and running.
  • Glenn and Vinh were so moved by Dr. Wilstead’s story that they changed up their normal format to bring Dr. Wilstead’s unimaginable story
  • In 2014, Dr. Kenny Wilstead was charged with prescription drug fraud and went through a year and half battle to clear his name
  • Using his own experience as an example, he recommends not talking to law enforcement without legal representation.
  • Dr. Kenny Wilstead hopes Dentists can learn from his experience and avoid the mistakes he made when dealing with prescription drugs