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Korey Korfiatis of Legwork discusses how to keep building your brand in preparation for reopening.

Korey Korfiatis is the CEO of Legwork. Their company has tried to support their clients as best as possible throughout the limited opening. He’s thankful that people have been very patient as they work through requests.

Do you have a built-in survey to send to patients? Absolutely, it can be imported straight into the dashboard as well as a COVID questionnaire. They are adding some exciting tools that are in development to come out in June and will be at no additional cost to their customers.

What do we need to do to prepare? Our new patient persona has shifted. Patients have been out of work. Think about what their distractions have been. They are trying to catch up on things they have been missing in life. They are more aware and skeptical of safety, so we need to reassure them. It will require us to show patience for these hesitations, so make sure your communication is clear. Start communicating with branding and comforting your patients. Work hard to encourage your current patient base. Emergency dentistry will still be their primary focus. Make sure they know you are open, offer alternative payment options, and highlight your level of safety.

Will Legwork have some templates? Yes! They have been doing an accessible webinar series to help people prepare to open up. The series part 4 is going to include templates for messaging. It is open and available to everyone at www.legwork.com. Click on the COVID resource links. Webinar 3 focuses on the patient persona and identifying how to find new patients. Every time that Google changes, the SEO data changes. The newest info says the 45% of searches end in no click. That means they stop at the maps or ads. Google has done a great job marketing themselves as advertisers. Facebook is similar, so we have to learn to play in their rules. They ultimately want us to buy advertising because that is where they get their money. 80% of specific local products are searched on a local device. That means it takes several scrolls to get to the organic postings. Legwork guides its clients to the lowest cost and highest return for their ads. The current climate shows that a click within the maps is key. Using keywords such as “emergency” are key to find current patients.

Could you make a Legwork video that shows what you do? It’s about more than that. He can make a video that shows no contact and low contact experiences.

What do we need to do to get people back in the door? Use text messaging, email, auto call, postal, and social media. Use an omnichannel approach or several methods at the same time. Timing it out is important. Check in their COVID support link for more information. If you are a current customer, check with your success manager. If you don’t know who that is, email [email protected]. These templates are already loaded on your platform.

Keep in mind it is not just sending a message, it’s about the message being sent. Reassure and be transparent, don’t sell at this point. Keep in mind that not everyone has their mobile or email with you, so calls or mail. Spend your money to connect to patients. Directing them back to a single source landing page will also drive up your SEO for Google.

Legwork can help you link these together. By linking email to a landing page and adding a survey or way to connect back to Legwork, you can collect more information and be able to continue to communicate your message. Unscheduled treatment and recare will boost your production.

Legwork has been a great supporter of Nifty Thrifty to give back and provided materials and advice at any time.

His advice for the current climate: There’s always opportunity amidst a crisis, but you need to start thinking outside of the box. Don’t forget that many businesses that would love to have an opportunity for recurring business.