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Evan Lazarus of Simple Impact Media discusses important considerations and components when designing your practice website.

Evan Lazarus of Simple Impact Media the start of website design begins with increasing visibility in your area and ramping up traffic to your website. It’s not necessary to overdo a website. Patients are looking for information and aren’t looking through the site for pleasure or to become more educated. The most important information should be “above the fold” or the part before they are required to scroll. Use your brand and invest in it, but that doesn’t have to mean you go overboard with your site. It doesn’t necessarily translate into patient conversion. You can use stock images or things that convey emotion that don’t have to have high production costs. Medicine and healthcare often are searched more often in a desktop format rather than mobile. One of the user funtions that is beneficial is that the important information follows the viewer in their experience. Offering information or online booking are things the majority of prospective viewers consider highly valuable.

How often does a website need to be updated? Fresh content is based on need and preference. Simply swapping out images or adding content can be done periodically, or you can keep a well-designed website for years.

How can you view a website on a desktop in its mobile format? Press F12 if you are on a windows unit. It offers several viewing experiences so you can look at what may not be visible in different formats.

Your website should give the right impression of your practice. Look at other sites designed by the company you are looking to use. Steer clear of companies who have been “loaned” a website. Own your domain so that it cannot be deleted if you stop as a customer.

When pricing out a website, learn what is included. Copy is a huge component of website design. It’s not just the images and layout. Pricing should include all of the components to prevent you from being blindsided by the costs.

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