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Simple Impact Media is an SEO company specializing in Google algorithms to improve your search and map rankings.

Evan Lazarus – Simple Impact Media


Even Lazarus SEO expert, at Simple Impact Media 

If you are not in the first few options of local search, you might as well be invisible. 

There are3 sections of Google. The top section is ads, the second it’s based on a local map. The third part of the page is your general search. 

Google has changed to be based on who pays the most. If you are getting lots of reviews but no one sees them, what is the point? You need to be found, be visible, and reputable. At that point, we can convert them.  

Google’s algorithm is hard to understand. The three elements you need to understand are relevance, distance, and prominence. good SEO  company helps you build your prominence.  

search of 3 miles in any direction. Google keyword search may give an entirely different result .5 mile away East vs West. Being in the 3 pack doesn’t for8 out of 10 dentists. An indirect search should also be able to find your practice.  

Results can differ based on multiple factors such as population, number of competitors.  

Google my business listing is a simple report that can compare your SEO  results month over month. Indirect queries show how often your listing is being seen in relation to noon specific searches.  

Why would conversions not be as high as we want? Google is moving real estate. You have to keep up with the momentum. It is a moving target that you have to continue to address.  

If you purchase AdWords does it increase your SEO ranking? No, as soon as you stop paying you go back. He does recommend paid advertising as well as trying to get the 3 pack. The algorithm used for maps and websites is different. You bet to hit all of them if possible to increase reliability. If you are looking at market that is competitive space, it gets more important to develop your ranking.  

What are some things you are looking for during an audit?  He looks for ranking, keywords, competitors, and searches by whatever procedures you are most interested in. It comes down to whether the reviews and engagement are working to convert the new patients. Being able to address patients 24 hours day connects you beyond business hours.  

Video, especially time-stamped video is important so that people can get directly to the information they want.. The more videos you have the more info they can gain.  

What if our website isn’t working well for us? The audit can tell some of the information, and he can build them if needed because it is the central hub of your marketing. You are so far behind the game.  


Nifty Deal: The typical $1500/ month is 30% OFF for the  maps package 

The second package is to help build prominence by including maps and websites. SEO and website package is usually $3000/ month but offering 30% off as well.