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Sean Birney, the Vice President of Marketing at Masterlink, a company that many of my fellow dentists know for their incredible Apex Dental Sensors!

I’m stoked to bring you another exciting Nifty Thrifty Dentists podcast episode. This time, I had the pleasure of chatting with Sean Birney, the Vice President of Marketing at Masterlink, a company that many of my fellow dentists know for their incredible Apex Dental Sensors. Brace yourselves because we’ve got some exclusive Black Friday Deals you don’t want to miss!


If you’re part of our 55,000+ strong Facebook group, you’re likely familiar with Masterlink as a consistent contributor of fantastic deals to our community. They’ve been in business for over three decades but, for the past ten years, their Apex Dental Sensors have been the go-to for dentists looking to upgrade their dental sensors at unbeatable prices.


So, other than their unparalleled price points, what’s the buzz about Apex Dental Sensors? Well, for starters, they seamlessly integrate with most major dental imaging software. The slim design with sensor plates measuring only 5.3mm and beveled corners ensures comfort during use, setting them apart in terms of quality and user experience. And I’ll be the first to say that the customer support at Masterlink is top-notch—Sean emphasizes the importance of swiftly and effectively resolving client issues and prioritizing customer satisfaction.


Also, the Apex Dental Sensors come with a SensorCare Protection Plan, safeguarding against defects for up to five sensors per office. There are two plans: Basic Sensor Care for $495/year (50% off the retail price for replacement sensors) and Sensor Care Plus for $895/year (your first replacement sensor is free). That’s a value you won’t find elsewhere.


Another standout feature of Apex Dental Sensors is their waterproof and dustproof design. With an IP67 rating, these sensors can be immersed in disinfecting liquid without any worries about damage. That’s innovation meeting practicality right there.


Sean and I walked through a screen share presentation of Masterlink’s website during the podcast to give you an inside look. If you’re curious and ready to snag a Nifty Thrifty Deal, reach out to Sean on Facebook or visit our special landing page at https://dentalstore123.com/shop/apex-dental-sensors/ for all the details.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your dental practice with top-tier sensors at unbeatable prices. Tune in, get the scoop, and make this Nifty Thrifty Deal the best one for your dental clinic!

Learn about:

  • Why does Masterlink refuse to sell through dealers (e.g. Henry Schein, Patterson, etc.)? In other words, why do Sean and his team sell directly to doctors with no “middleman” in between?
    • Hint: The “middlemen” like to mark up the prices, sometimes for as much as thousands of dollars or more!
  • What major dental imaging software does Masterlink work with?
    • Hint: Basically, all of them!
  • How do Apex Dental Sensors compare to other dental sensors?
    • Hint: They’re thinner and more powerful than their counterparts, but the price point is the “big, big” difference!
  • What does Sean mean when he says that Masterlink’s profits go to their support team?
  • What’s the worst damage Sean has ever seen when replacing a client’s sensor for Masterlink’s SensorCare Protection Plan?
    • Hint: He’s received sensors that look like they’ve been put through a blender!
  • How durable are Dental Apex Sensors?
    • Hint: Any dental sensor will be fragile (there’s only a handful of manufacturers worldwide, and so they’re all made of similar materials)—Sean’s advice is to treat it like you’d treat your iPhone.
  • How does Masterlink sell dental sensors at half the price of the “big dogs” in the industry without compromising quality?
  • And more!

Nifty Deal:

  • Adult Apex Dental Sensors are usually $5,495, but now they’re just $3,495 (with an extra 5% off for Nifty members). Meanwhile, the pedo size—typically $5,495—is available for just $2,995 (also with an extra 5% off).
  • Placing orders through the special Nifty Thrifty landing page at https://dentalstore123.com/shop/apex-dental-sensors/ ensures free ground shipping, with expedited options available.