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Ali Soufi is the owner of The DocSites. The DocSites is an affordable, over-delivering website design and support service.  They started doing sites for many types of businesses but found they could offer the most effective work to doctors and dentists. He still enjoys working with people directly to give them a personalized experience.


They have standard, plus, and premier tiers, as well as a marketing package


The monthly fee is $49, it includes updates, maintenance, and support


They don’t do contracts, you would own the domain as you paid for it


Updates to sites typically happen within 1 business day, and simple things like lighting adjustments will be done at no charge before adding them to your site


Many videos can be uploaded to or streamed on your website as needed 


There’s a setup fee and your choice of hosting plan and design style


Websites are typically up and running in about 3-4 weeks


Prices are $999 standard, $1499 standard plus, and $2499 premier, marketing package starts at $99 and are flexible



The Deal:

 50% off the basic website package for Nifty members

Message him at one of his contacts or on his website (Make sure to tell him that you are from Nifty!)


Website: https://www.docsites.com/



Email: [email protected]

Text: 818- 416-0007

Office phone: 888-980-4949