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Jacob Hiller, the Chief Growth Officer of Dental Implant Machine and a renowned marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in the field sat down, Dr. Glenn Vo for Nifty Thrifty Community!



  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo sat down with Jacob Hiller, the Chief Growth Officer of Dental Implant Machine and a renowned marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in the field.
  • Dental Implant Machine helps dentists and oral surgeons increase the number of dental implant patients they see by providing a range of marketing services specifically tailored to the dental implant industry. 
  • With a team of experienced marketing professionals and a deep understanding of the dental implant market, they’ll work closely with their clients to develop and implement marketing strategies that drive results.
  • You might have already seen some Dental Implant Machine ads (and if you haven’t already, you probably will eventually). That only makes sense when Jacob and his team pride themselves on getting in front of dentists and prospective implant patients with in-depth retargeting campaigns.
  • But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: From social media campaigns and email marketing to website design and search engine optimization, Dental Implant Machine offers comprehensive services to help their clients reach more potential patients and grow their practice. 
  • Whether you are a solo practitioner or a multi-location practice, they have the expertise and resources to help you succeed in the competitive world of dental implants.
  • On top of its stellar marketing capacities, Dental Implant Machine stands out from its competition because they’re not just about engaging with implant prospects and bringing them into their client’s dental practice—it teaches dental teams about effective case presentation and closing those patients. 
  • Through trial and error, the folks at Dental Implant Machine have realized how to engage with patients, present financing options, and help them make the right health decision without being “pushy.”
    • Hint: It has something to do with their personalized dental marketing funnels!
  • Jacob and his team believe that anyone involved in the patient journey is, in one way or another, involved in helping the patient make the decision to accept treatment. That’s why—monthly—they’ll meet with the doctor, the treatment coordinator, the scheduler, etc., to look at the numbers and ensure that everyone is doing their best job, has the framework down, the necessary training, and so on.
  • Learn about…
    • What comprehensive framework does Dental Implant Machine offer dental practice owners for finding, educating, and treating more implant patients?
    • Getting the patients into your office is one thing, but what do you do once you successfully get them into your office?
    • Why is it so important to have a team that knows the art of case presentation?
    • How do the folks at Dental Implant Machine leverage metrics and numbers to help their clients close more cases?
    • According to Jacob, how does the patient journey start before they actually walk into the door?
    • Why does Glenn find it so important that the folks at Dental Implant Machine actually care about your conversion rates vs. just sending you leads?
    • Why does Glenn think Dental Implant Machine’s lack of a “non-disparagement clause” clearly shows how much they overdeliver, create a great ROI for dental practices, etc.?
      • Hint: It has something to do with hard proof of happy clientele!
    • How can Dental Implant Machine help any “normal” doctor make an extra $1,000,000 and over in production (and what do we mean by “normal” doctors)?
    • What’s a marketing funnel, how does it work, and how does Dental Implant Machine help busy dentists double their dental patients using dental funnels?

And more!

  • Watch a screen share presentation where Glenn and Jacob discuss testimonials, ROI proof, and more.
  • And don’t forget about the Nifty Deal! Email [email protected] or check out the link below to schedule a free call today.




  • A free call with Jacob himself, who will show you how Dental Implant Machine’s system works, how the framework works, and if it could be a fit for you.