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Sean Ryan from Medidenta. Many Nifty Thrifty members might recognize this handsome gentleman and his awesome company.

  • This week, Glenn was thrilled to bring on an old friend—Sean Ryan, from Medidenta—for this week’s episode of the Nifty Thrifty Podcast. Many Nifty Thrifty members might recognize this handsome gentleman.
  • If you’ve yet to hear about Medidenta, they’re an 80-year-old company that has gone through quite a few phases before settling on the unique identity we know today. But, all along, Medidenta has been known for innovating, creating, and distributing products.
  • Nowadays, Medidenta sees itself as an affordable way to shop for premium, cutting-edge products. And they’ve grown drastically since their early days, acquiring a multitude of entities and product lines.
  • Thus, Medidenta has a reputation for being the go-to source for dental professionals who are seeking classy instruments at a fair price.
  • In this episode, Sean talks about Medidenta’s line of high-quality handpieces at nifty prices. They have handpieces to meet every budget and every need and of course, all backed by their world-class warranty and customer service.


  • Learn about:
    • What makes Medidenta’s prophy handpieces so popular?
      • Hint: it has to do with the “value of hygiene.”
    • Why—and HOW—is Sean offering 2019 prices for his products?
    • What’s the difference between a CABO style handpiece and an NSK-type version?
    • What are some of Sean’s client stories?
    • Where are the “caveats” for the Nifty Thrifty community?
    • How does a “Hybrid Model” benefit Medidenta?
    • How is shipping an annoyance for Sean and his company, and what does this mean for you?
    • Why do higher prices not mean better handpieces?
      And more!
    • Tune in to watch Glenn walk through Medidenta’s special Nifty Site! You can access it for yourself at https://nifty.medidenta.com/
    • If you want to call the office at 800-221-0750, anyone who answers the phone will be 100% educated about the products. They’re particularly familiar with Nifty Thrifty members, so don’t be shy!


Nifty Deal:

  •  Medidenta has many ongoing Nifty Deals. Medidenta provides handpieces of all kinds, including air-free highspeed Prophy Magic gives you angles and Prophy motors that are long-lasting, top-quality products.  Whiter image is your go-to for cosmetic whitening needs! Reach out to Sean @Medidenta.com  or Call 800-221-0750


  • https://niftythriftydentists.com/medidenta/


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