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JW from Global Imaging and Joe Andrasko, Vice President of Business Development for 3DISC, talk about the Heron intraoral scanner.


Easy to learn to use, with a scan path that is simple to follow


Scanner is lightweight, about 5 oz


A lot of other scanners don’t have compatibility with different laptops, they send a laptop with the scanner, already loaded with the needed programs


Set up takes about 5 minutes out of the box


Laptops should only be used for scanner programs, it can cause issues with the scanner if too many unnecessary programs are loaded on the laptops


They send the laptop so they can release updates for that specific system, and don’t have to worry about different laptops taking the necessary programs differently


Accompanying laptop is professional-grade, and is locked and controlled; laptops can be unlocked if you’re having issues


They’ll talk to your lab and make sure they are familiar with the scanner, so you don’t have to worry about incompatibility 


No delay for uploading files to the cloud, so they can be downloaded as soon as possible, with no fees


You don’t have to pay to upgrade programs


Very affordable and comes with a warranty in the package


Can do crown and bridge with ease, and has quite a few other helpful features


Great for dentists starting out, and for practices that need more scanners or equipment upgrades


They are looking to do lab demos in Dallas soon to have some in-person experience with the scanners


Manufactured and supported in the US, they will overnight you a scanner or laptop if they can’t fix an issue you’re having


Package of scanner, training, laptop, and warranty price: $16,850




Extended warranty by 1 year

Extra set of autoclavable scanner tips valued at $500 dollars

Zero percent financing for 1 year



Heron Scanner:https://3disc.com/heronios/