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Firegang Dental Marketing shares how funnels and followthrough can be a game-changer in your marketing strategy. Look out for some great strategies and a Black Friday preview.

Adam Zilko is the founder of Firegang Dental Marketing. We talked previously about converting patients by using data to drive your marketing. Now they dive deeper to apply the funnels created from your data to present funnels for implants and Invisalign. Additionally, it utilizes Google AI to create connection experiences with potential patients.

What is a funnel? We build a page with a call to action as an opt-in at the last step. They are led there by information and valuable content that gives information they are looking for as well as noting you as the expert. Once they take the call to action, Firegang works the leads through a CRM to follow up for you! By leading them to a yes, offering financing options, or overcoming the possible hurdles, they are coming into the office wanting to close their case. Additional training to help your office close is absolutely free.

What is the process for the funnel? Our example study only does full arch implant cases. They have financing and expert training in place, but they were in a competitive market. In the first month, they booked over $80k in treatment from leads. The two stages where you can have breaks in your funnel are traffic and conversion. They are working to integrate into practice management systems for even more capabilities as well.

Should you pull back on marketing if we go on lockdown again? Not a chance! Many people will back off and it is a great time to get amazing prices on ads because it is based on demand for space.

What do we offer to get people in? Free consultations remove many of the roadblocks of hesitation of potential patients. The value of the time used vs the outcome far outweighs the offset of time. The data speaks for itself. By connecting to the patient on multiple levels of content, they are building confidence in their decision to accept treatment.

The average return on the implants is 10/1 on cost.

Deals are good through 11/30.