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Adam Zilko of Firegang Dental Marketing talks about the successful case study of their implant funnel which brought in over $137k in only 7 weeks.

Adam Zilko is the CEO of Firegang Dental Marketing. After what seemed to become a controversial post, we wanted to take a moment to break down the case study he mentioned to show just how well the implant funnel can actually work for you. It took two years in development and continues to develop and improve with Google.

Dr. Roy Thompson is a client that started with Firegang about 7 months ago. One thing to note is that he is only reporting on implant revenue created, not other revenue created through the funnel. Over $137,844 is his current funnel. This doesn’t account for the additional revenue created from those that do not seek implant treatment. They wrote a proprietary “drain” to help build your reputation and clout so that people don’t just continue to move on and help them choose you to book.

Why does the application matter? The application form helps to filter desirable patients. Once they contact the lead, they may leave notes in the CRM on when to follow up again. They also listen to the conversations to learn how they may need to better target the marketing to improve leads even more.

If leads do not initially schedule, they will enter a different contact sequence to provide additional layers of exposure.

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