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Jasmin Haley is a Dental Renassaince Woman.  She’s a Hygienist, an educator, a Mom, and a Hip Hop historian. She co-hosts the MOMgienist podcast which focuses on the challenges of being a parent while working and dealing with the demands of Dentistry.  An overachiever at heart, she just created another podcast called Beyond the Prophy.   Jasmin joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss the dynamics of the Dentist/Hygienist relationship and her love for Rumchata.


Jasmin Haley is the co-founder of 2 podcasts, Beyond the Prophy and Momgienist

Mrs. Haley hails from Jamaica Queens NYC!!

She is an accomplished speaker and speaks to many Dental Hygiene Organizations.

Jasmin is an education consultant for an HIV/AIDs interprofessional program at University of Maryland.

Her mission is to promote oral health and provide mentorship to help educate other professionals and patients.

Jasmin’s Hip Hop Knowledge is second to none.  She’s also a connoisseur of Alize and Rumchata 🙂

The MOMgienist blog is about ways to self motivate one self as a parent, to encourage excellence, and sharing the struggles together.



The Roadmap for Dental Success – https://info.niftythriftydentists.com/sales-page

The MOMgienist  https://www.momgienists.com/

Beyond the Prophy  https://www.beyondtheprophy.com/

Rumchata – http://www.rumchata.com/age-gate



Blackish owned by ABC network and Hulu

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