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Jim Gerson is the VP of Marketing and Sales at Carestack, a 100% cloud-based practice management software. Today, he and Dr. Vo discuss Carestack and what it can do for your practice.


 Their clients are often those that want a touchless patient system or those that are tired of dealing with multiple platforms and want everything centralized


The platform allows each user to have a limited login based on their job


Features are updated for everyone and do not come with an additional fee, so you always get the latest features for a fair price


Their automated texting for the virtual waiting room keeps your front desk and phone lines from being tied up


If you do teledentistry, the webcam and features are within the platform and allow you to chart during the appointment as well as send prescriptions if you are connected to a pharmacy


You can log in from anywhere, with no requirement to VPN for access


The pricing is all-inclusive and designed for a technology-driven office that wants to interact and keep records digitally


The patient portal allows patients to complete all forms online


Clearance houses are automatically included for insurance submission


Online booking can be integrated into your website with an immediate welcome packet and form link for simple submission


Patient communication and texting can be done through the site, and an audit trail is available by the patient or person


Migration is typically 4-9 weeks

Within the patient chart, warning bubbles help guide the provider in treatment or charting as well as treatment planning


There is a one-time implementation fee of $1200 and then there is a monthly usage fee; the pricing is done by operatories with a group of 1-5, 6-10, and more than 11 would be a customized rate


Nifty Deal: 20% off the integration fee and subscription fees waived from July- September.

Bonus- 8% off monthly subscription fees going forward

Pricing is guaranteed for 2 years, and no contract, you can cancel with 30 days notice.

To get this deal: Go to Carestack.com and book a demo. In the notes section mention Nifty Thrifty, or use their Chatbot and mention Nifty Thrifty.



Website: https://carestack.com/



Phone Number: (407)-833-6123