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Jonathan Karren of Mango voice discusses the benefits of VoIP and features that set Mango Voice apart.

Jonathan Karren is with Mango Voice. After some rough spots, in which they were very upfront, they opened more data centers and built more redundancy to prevent service interruption. When there are issues, they are members of the group and work to resolve the issues for customers.

What is the connection with Modento? They have developed screen pops that bring up the patient’s immediate information on their account. By collaborating as the best in their respective fields, they can work harder for you.

You get the typical VoIP features, and they also have Mango Plus for in-office chat, two-way texting, and many other features. One particular new feature is the ability to text directly from your business number. SMS notifications can do an automated text message before pushing it to voicemail. The message can even be customized to include a link to online or third party scheduling such as LocalMed.

Call recording is important as well as using multiple numbers to track marketing campaigns. It’s included with your basic service. The standard package includes one phone number per telephone in your office. Additional lines can be purchased for $5.99/ month local or $9.99 toll-free. This is generally less than half the cost. While they do not have data mining and such, the number of calls, specific line reviews, as well as the call recording and analytics on the number of calls, answered. That feature alone can save people several hundred dollars per month.

Changing to VoIP increases productivity. The SMS feature alone could bring one patient in that would be worth more than the “savings” you see. The difference between a landline and VoIP reliability is so negligible that the additional features far outweigh what small difference you may experience.

Upcoming features will allow you to text and call from the app but show that it is coming from your business line. They also have the ability to call from the website or use the phones from any internet connection.

The Nifty Deal

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