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Jonathan Karren of Mango Voice walks through additional tools and services that can help you remotely serve your patients.

Mango Voice has offered lots of online and web features with their service. Today he is going over how to use some of these features to help your practice during reduced or closed hours.

To forward calls, go to the switchboard and drag and drop the line connecting to the line you want. Click on external transfer. Click transfer and continue by entering your number you would like the calls to ring to. If the call is not picked up within a set time, keep the standard voicemail by selecting the “require one to connect” option is turned on.

The mobile app can be downloaded as well as a softphone option. Go to https://phone.mangovoice.com/sipjs2call_stun/ Login as usual to your account on your browser. Chrome is recommended. You will need a USB headset with a microphone and may need to adjust your router if your firewall blocks the traffic. Call or message Mango for help with this.

Mango Plus is the messaging option that allows you to send and receive HIPPA compliant faxes, check voicemails and send texts as well as chat texts from your business number.

Mango Voice Special Offer: In light of Covid-19 shutting down many offices, Mango Voice is offering the remote services for all current users for free for the next 30 days.