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Jonathan VanHorn is an accountant. But he’s more than just a mild mannered accountant. Mr. VanHorn is the founder of DentistMetrics. A company with the sole mission of helping Dental professionals navigate the perilous waters of the American tax code while saving them money! Jonathan VanHorn joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss topics ranging from his love of cargo shorts to his disdain for the movie “The Accountant”

Notes of Interest:

  • Please visit our sponsor Dental Card Services Alliance and mention our podcast http://www.dentalcardservices.com/
  • Special shout-out to the stars of our new segment, “Ask a Kid About Dentistry” – Thank you Kylie, Jackson, My Linh, and Van Paul!
  • A special thanks for the parents that allowed the kids to participate – Dr. Glenn Vo, Dr. Susan Tran, Dr. Tory McFarlin, and Dr. Thu McFarlin
  • Here is the picture of Alan Mead that Kylie and Jackson looked at.
  • DentistMetrics aims to completely automate and outsource the bookkeeping, financial reporting, and tax portion of the dentist’s business.
  • Jonathan VanHorn discusses the “gray” area of travel expense write-offs, writing off adult beverages, and other business expenses.
  • Mr. VanHorn gives his review of the movie “The Accountant”
  • Fake Hulk Hogan makes an appearance
  • Nifty Thrifty Dental Deal of the Week: Free consultation with DentistMetrics and $1000 off new account set-up – Mention Nifty Thrifty Dentists for discount

Links from the Show:

Dentist Metrics Website – http://dentistmetrics.com/

Jonathan VanHorn’s Favorite Cargo Shorts – http://www.gq.com/gallery/cargo-shorts

Official Movie Page for The Accountant – http://www.accountantmovie.com/



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