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Josh Combe is the Regional Director of Sales for Podium.. They are great at reviews, and aim to be the center of patient interaction for your business. They aren’t just dental either, so they learn how to improve through their experiences in other industries. Josh Combe talks to us about patient engagement through Podium.



Many businesses believe their clients want to communicate via email, but, statistically, their preferred method is text


53% of businesses say they know their communication method is old fashion


Tips to increase patient engagement:


Tip 1: Make your landline textable- 80% of customers want to text

Use a single number for communication and post that number on multiple sites; customers want convenience 


Tip 2: Recognize points in the patient experience where communication is required

Follow you process to see where you can improve that part of the experience 


Tip 3:  Simplify, track use, and make the system effective for your office by automating



Website: https://www.podium.com/



Phone Number: 1-833-276-3486