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Josh Combe is the Regional Director of Sales for Podium. He talks with us about the many options for patient connection through the Podium platform. Adapting to the new needs of both the patient and the practice can be optimized with the right tools.


A big part of their business is patient interaction and engagement


A great way to relay information and protocols that you will need in your office is to train your offices on how to manage and control patient communication


Podium currently works with any business that uses instant messaging, such as professional services, auto services, and healthcare


They use their knowledge of many industries to make helpful insights on communication in your case


Adding communication and webchat in addition to reviews expands the capabilities of what Podium can do for your office

Things like messaging and a virtual waiting room are simple changes you can apply to work more safely and efficiently in the time of COVID-19

For the consumer, there’s no need for them to have an app, it’s all within their text messages

The web-based platform is easy to use and keep open to stay productive throughout your day

Within the platform, you can search by a patient name or phone number

Podium just launched a simple (HIPPA compliant) video chat function that a patient can easily link to through a text

Currently, video chat works on a desktop, but the development is expanding to use from mobile as well

People are much more likely to respond to a text rather than an email

Reviews on Podium are a simple text response, for customer convenience 

Webchat is a great way to engage with potential patients who find your website

Being able to engage if the person goes quiet makes it more likely that you can convert them to a patient

Chat functions can have set hours and an automated text letting them know someone will respond if it’s after hours.

They also have a quick text for online payment options that are both secure and cost-effective for collecting payments

The normal price for Podium varies based on the tools you need, but they have a free starter package for anyone to use


Website: https://www.podium.com/



Phone Number: 1-833-276-3486