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Dr. Joshua Austin and Dr. Andrea Janik are a legitimate Dental Power Couple.  Actually, Dr. Janik is the power player and Dr. Austin just rides her coat-tails.  Dr. Janik is in charge of a large group practice in San Antonio that is dedicated to comprehensive care with advanced, proven technology.  Dr. Austin lives in a Dental Fantasyland that involves part-time podcasting, writing jibberish, and talking about himself in front of a bored crowd.  Join Glenn and Vinh as they dive into the one question that is on everyone’s mind.  What does Andrea see in Joshua?


Dr. Andrea Janik graduated from the Best Dental School in the country – Baylor College of Dentistry

Dr. Joshua Austin graduated from UT San Antonio

They met at a Dental meeting (*super surprise there*)

Their biggest fight has been over the true meaning of what a “chamfer” margin is

The have two kids – Graham a Golden Doodle and Fig a Labradoodle

Dr. Austin is a contributing writer for Dental Economics and a renown Dental Speaker

Dr. Janik owns a multi-specialty practice with a team of 18 professionals

Both Docs are fans of the Texas Rangers.  Dr. Austin’s favorite player is Yu Darvish and Dr. Janik’s is Joe Nathan

They are currently engaged and the wedding is set for later this year


Dr. Joshua Austin Practice – http://www.joshuaaustindds.com/index.asp?N=dentist-San-Antonio-TX-Home&C=1052&P=22364

Dr. Andrea Janik Practice – http://www.culebrasmiles.com/

Dr. Austin and Dr. Janik on TV – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP3bk-n_i3E

Dental Economics Magazine – http://www.dentaleconomics.com/articles/print/volume-108/issue-1/science-tech/pearls-for-your-practice.html



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