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JW Oliver is the owner of SupportDDS and Dr. Nikki Green is a very happy client. SupportDDS provides full-time, dedicated

virtual team members to handle your; insurance verifications, hygiene re-care, collections,

bookkeeping, scheduling, phone support, digital marketing, social media.


The talent from Zimbabwe are professional, well educated, and speak fluent English


Dr. Green likes how she can customize and train the employee exactly how they want things done in our particular office


Team members only work for your office, so they may devote their energy toward improving your office


They can answer phones during meetings, coordinate patient recalls and verify insurance


SupportDDS donates 51% of their profits to Christian ministries to support communities


Your assistant can quickly pick up on the new skills that might be needed to properly contribute to your office


Each employee is educated on basic dental anatomy, more common practice management software


There are staff that  do accounting, social media, analytics, IT, insurance claims, collections, and phone support


The basic rate is $1850 for full time hours and they do not bill additionally for things like number of calls or specific tasks


They have several rovers to cover for vacation time or other instances



Take $200/ month off of your service


Super Nifty Deal: $500 off your first month

There is an onboarding fee of half of one month’s labor.



To get this deal:


Go to: https://supportdds.com/

Mention Nifty Thrifty



Website: https://supportdds.com/



Phone Number: (940) 757-0022

Email: [email protected]