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Keanu Oliva of Value Driven Ads shares effective approaches to advertising for emergency appointments during COVID-19 closure.

Keanu Oliva is from Value Driven Ads which provides marketing typically for implants, but they have shifted slightly in their methods given the current situation. By advertising for emergency care, you have an opportunity to continue to advertise your business. Help sustain your practice by changing your focus. They are offering to help 50 practices for free to get their emergency marketing plan together. The parameters for care is emergency patients only, and treating beyond that is a matter of integrity and safety. That means that emergency patients are the only stream of income. Google charges significantly less to advertise using emergency keywords because there are few companies in the space. While Facebook can also be helpful, people tend to Google when they are in pain. The conversion rate is excellent too. The demand is high, but supply is low at the moment. As part of their research, they find key search words in your area to target your ads. There is essentially no risk because Google has a pay per click, so your paying for the effectiveness of your campaign. Directly mention you are open specifically about COVID closures. Value Driven Ads has figured out the more specific algorithms to bring down the costs of Google ads. Approximately 15% of those that click on the ad from their example in NYC. As part of their plan, they create a custom landing page that addresses emergency treatment during closures. They are offering a deal for the first 50 doctors that respond: They will offer the first 30 days of advertising for emergencies free.