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Darkhorse Tech is a Dental Specific IT Company (Managed Services Provider) devoted to supporting dental practices for over 10 years. We focus on IT and assisting growth through tech so our clients can focus on their practices and their patients. Brian Ash has been with Darkhorse Tech for three years and as their CMO loves to highlight the relationships and growth stories of their clients, while IT is notoriously behind the scenes it’s the people aspect that makes Darkhorse Tick


  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo was happy to have on Brian Ash, the Chief Marketing Officer over at Darkhorse Tech, for another episode of the Nifty Thrifty podcast. 
  • The majority of Nifty Thrifty Members will immediately recognize Darkhorse Tech, as they’ve been an awesome partner to our community for some time now. And many Nifty Thrifty members—including Glenn himself—are already Darkhorse clients.
  • Darkhorse Tech is a dental specific IT company (Managed Services Provider) that has been devoted to supporting dental practices for over 10 years. They focus on IT and assisting growth through tech so their clients can focus on their practices and their patients.
  • Darkhorse Tech manages your dental IT services effectively for a flat-rate, affordable monthly fee. They’ll help integrate your systems and support your business with reliable, responsive dental IT services.
  • Darkhorse Tech only works in dental IT, meaning they have a plethora of dental-specific IT expertise—it’s what makes them different from the rest.
  • You might be in the same boat as many practice owners—sophisticated IT might not be in your budget. That’s why Darkhorse Tech will lower the cost for smaller offices and startups. 
  • In fact, Darkhorse Tech specializes in startup practices (design, sourcing 3rd parties, project management, pre-installation software access, installation, support, etc.).
  • Brian and his team over at Darkhorse Tech are always happy to chat. He wants you to know that, if you call them, they’re not the type of company to “hound you with sales.” It’s just not their style; they’re part of the Nifty Thrifty community because they want to share their expertise and help us out.
  • Learn about:
    • How are HIPPA regulations becoming more stringent?
    • Why is the healthcare sector now the “number one target” for cyber criminals? How can Darkhorse Tech help you protect yourself and secure your networks?
    • Why is IT security “serious stuff,” according to Glenn? Why is there “a lot to lose,” and why should you listen to guys like Brian?
    • How does Darkhorse Tech proactively monitor your network to make sure anything suspicious or troubling is dealt with in a timely manner?
    • How does Darkhorse Tech keep current with what’s going on in the cybercriminal landscape so that they’re never caught on their heels?
    • Why is it better to have humans managing your IT security instead of just software doing the job? 
    • What does the security operations center (SOC) offer in addition to Dark Horse Tech’s other services?
    • How does Darkhorse Tech’s SOC offer the human component? What does their process look like between auditing, pinpointing weakness, keeping a constant eye on things, and sending reports?
    • Why should you work with Darkhorse Tech when there are cheaper IT services? How are they better than the other guys?
    • How can Darkhorse protect your dental practice from ransomware? How much money has Brian seen stolen from ransomware?
    • And more!
  • Reach out to Brian’s team at [email protected] or visit their website to fill out a form at darhorsetech.com/contact. They’ll happily offer a “glimpse under your hood” and see what they can do for you!




  • 10% off monthly service, 15% off annual agreement