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Kelly Schwartz and Minal Sampat discuss their upcoming workshop event focused on patient retention and marketing.

Kelly Schwartz FB Live

Kelly Schwartz and Minal Sampat are joining forces

Kelly and his wife Anna have been teaching dentists how to become CEOs of their businesses. The focus has been on systems and patient retention. Minal specializes in marketing and acquiring new patients. They are doing a May 2nd conference at Dentsply Sirona in Charlotte that is limited to 75 people. The focus is growing your practice. Dr. Len Tau will also be talking about online presence.

Kelly has been a force for good in the Nifty group through volunteering his services to our Spirit of Giving event. One dentist who received his full consulting package was able to add a hygienist as a result of the growth. They added an operatory to increase production potential and are continuing to grow. A second office has increased $40k in production in only two months.

Minal uses numbers and conversion to prove results. She doesn’t sell products, marketing, or SEO. Her book, “Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business”. The number one thing nugget from her book is that no matter your marketing budget, you can get patients for your money.

When trying to schedule patients, know that it is okay to “love someone right out of your practice.” If the patient is demanding, does not refer or get recommended treatment, it is okay to send them on to someone else. A person can be a nice patient, but not a good patient. It’s not to say we shouldn’t be accommodating or kind, but when you have a high demand for appointments because of your current patient load, it is okay to create that space for growth. In addition, offering ASAP options if there is a change in the schedule. Do not call them cancellations.

For patients that never do treatment, discuss the difference in philosophy is not matching up.

Minal requires each client to assign or hire someone who will specifically be assigned as the chief marketing officer so that the ideas are actually implemented. Kelly requires someone to be assigned to recall to enforce what is being learned.

Pre-appointment is not as important as planning for new patients and creating appointments for patients that are wanting to take care of their health.

What are a few things they will learn from Minal at the event? The event is priced so that the first registration is $497 through March 15th and the second is only $200 so that the person who will implement can attend. There will be a survey ahead of the conference to allow you to ask for specific scenarios and needs of the attendees. The workshop will gear itself towards the needs of the attendees.

Kelly will be presenting several systems to help implement patients returning and getting treatment.

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Charlotte, NC

May 2nd