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Kerry Lepicek and Machell Hudson are productive hygienists and Hygiene Superstars.  Kerry is a practicing hygienist and a Clinical Coach Director for OraVital.  Machell Hudson works with Dr. Bruce Baird as a hygienist and is a coach with The Productive Dentist Academy.  These two ladies have joined forces to help offices turn their hygiene programs from “loss leaders” to high production powerhouses.  Join Glenn and Vinh as they discuss topics ranging from Biofilm to Louis Vuittons.


This episode recorded “Live” at Voices of Dentistry event!

Machell Hudson is the top producing Hygienist in the Heartland Dental Network.

Machell helps coaches dental professionals by implementing strategies she uses in private practice

The Productive Dentist Academy(PDA)  is one of the top Dental Consulting companies in the Industry

One of the main PDA goals is to help offices increase production and decrease stress

Kerry Lepicek helps practices increase production with the OraVital protocol

The OraVital system halts the progress of periodontal disease while controlling the oral systemic link.

OraVital incorporates biofilm testing, prescribed antimicrobial rinses, and a unique home care regimen

Dr. James Hyland, who is Kerry’s Father, is the CEO of OraVital

Kerry and Machell both agree that educating patients about the “Oral-Systemic” link is key to treatment plan acceptance

Vinh tried to test Kerry’s “Canadian politeness” by intentionally referring to Prime Minister Justin  Trudeau as Garry Trudeau (creator of Doonesbury comic strip) 😊

Machel is a big fan of the Whole 30 Diet while Kerry would never give up Canadian goodness like Poutine or Peameal bacon


OraVital – The Oral Infection Experts – https://www.oravital.com/

The Productive Dentist Academy – https://productivedentist.com/

Whole 30 Program – https://whole30.com/

Apex Payment Solutions – https://www.apexpaymentsolutions.com/

LocalMed – https://www.localmed.com/



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